Allagash Brewing Company will discuss how to implement a successful multi location security program. In this podcast, Plant Engineer Seán Diffley, gives valuable advice on how companies should use new technologies to improve security operations. From unexpected benefits to lessons learned; Allagash provides a unique look into the transition from lock and key to cloud-based access control.

Sean Diffley hails from Ballymahon, County Longford in Ireland. He received his bachelor’s in engineering from the National University of Ireland, Galway. Sean later left Ireland with his degree in hand and worked his way through Canada, Chile, and Australia. He then moved to the U.S., working in meat processing and at Lindt Chocolate. He finally made the wise move to beer and has spent the last four and half years at Allagash Brewing Co.


Nicki Saffell has worked with Brivo for three years, moving her way up from Customer Care Representative to Senior Manager of Sales Operations. Prior to working on the manufacturing side, Nicki worked as a dealer with Innovative Security Systems. Nicki grew up in Nevada and attended Montgomery College where she earned her degree in Holistic Health.