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small business server

Small Business Server


Of course, choosing the right hardware and software for your company is very important. You want the highest quality, most cost effective and truly appropriate software and hardware for your business.  In our over 16 years of  experience,  the biggest time-killer in all of these decisions is figuring out which type of server is best for your small business which includes learning how to keep that little security notification off your screen every time you try to use the internet.

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 Contact Us (212) 419-4949 for a free Consultation on a small business server solutions for your company.



Let Network Solutions solve these small to larger issues. We have the experience and skill for setting up your new computers, installing all the software needed and being sure everything runs perfectly. We will handle expertly what you can see and maybe even more importantly, what you can not see. You know, those little problems that arise that you would never even notice except your computer stops working. When that happens, we’ll be right there to fix it either onsite or remotely. We are prompt and attentive. And since we set up the system, we know it , backwards and forwards and will solve your issues without any hassle.


Whether you need us to come install everything, or just want a brief consultation on how to choose a server, that’s what we’re here for.


We specialize in supporting Microsoft operating systems and application servers such as Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, and Office 365, running on workstations and servers from leading hardware manufacturers including HP, Dell, Lenovo, and others.

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 We Offer Hosted Small business server solutions



Contact the experts at Network Solutions (212) 419-4949, We are ready to discuss all of the options and analyze the best alternatives for your business.and find out which small business server solution fit your company.