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Cutting-edge technology and stylish design find their perfect synthesis in the four new lines that Vimar has created for the Eikon series. Four variations that match every possible interpretation of the concept of luxury.

Different designs, sizes, finishes and functions, Eikon Tactil, Eikon Evo, Eikon Chrome and Eikon Total Look have a common denominator: they manage energy in a superlative way, both in traditional functions and within the By-me home automation system.



Arké enters your home and lives in your time with a contemporary design and cover plates with large proportions. Classic and Round, two shapes, with anthracite grey or white buttons. Seven modern materials in a wide range of colours. Video door entry system that can be integrated with the home automation system and many other functions to manage the home and optimize consumption.



Idea comes into your home with original solutions and different forms of beauty. The strict lines of Classica or the smooth curves of Rondò. Anthracite grey or white buttons. Four quality materials, numerous colour combinations and many installation solutions to create a unique, personal electric system.



Plana enters your home extremely naturally, with purely essential elements combining rigour and sophistication. The understated elegance of the white and the technological style of the Silver. Four modern materials, a colour range with warm, natural and icy tones, and 200 functions to manage every room.

By-me Home Automation


With By-me your home becomes intelligent, the central core of the system manages all the functions with great simplicity, the control is total and user-friendly, just a touch and every room responds to your wishes, welcoming you with the utmost comfort in an ideal atmosphere that you can change to your liking. Your entire home is safe, By-me watches over people and property and increases energy savings with a distribution that prevents waste and overloads. With By-me, communication is limitless, you always know what’s happening outdoors and you always know what is happening from faraway too. By-me is positive energy for your home.

Video door entry


A wide and diverse range of video and audio door entry phones, featuring great structural quality, attention to design, easy installation and use, under the banner of Made in Italy.

Clima & Energy

Advanced solutions for temperature control and energy monitoring.

  • Advanced, easy-to-use functions for a perfect indoor climate. Capable of integrating with home automation systems.
  • Smart solutions for greater energy awareness. And energy becomes a real opportunity.


Gates, doors and windows


Featuring a rugged, precise and silent mechanical design entirely made in Italy and covered by warranty for as long as 3 years, the automation systems for gates, doors and windows employ technologies that ensure safety and high performance.

The products are encased in die-cast aluminium bodies with polyester painted plastic parts to ensure strength and resistance to all weather conditions.

Video surveillance systems


Elvox has implemented its range of products dedicated to video surveillance employing the most sophisticated technologies to deliver targeted, versatile and complete solutions able to meet any installation requirement.Three levels of technology available:

  1. Analogue,
  2. HD-SDI (High Definition Serial Digital Interface) and
  3. IP

Well-contact Plus


Well-contact Plus easily manages the structures of the tertiary sector, a system developed on the KNX standard which controls the comfort and safety of rooms. It permits real energy savings and general supervision of large areas and single rooms. Well-contact Plus is positive energy for your business.



Call-way improves the hospital service, a modular call system that quickly handles emergencies, facilitates the work of medical staff and transmits more serenity to patients. With Call-way everything is under control. The dialogue with the PC enables continuous monitoring and ensures maximum interoperability with landlines, mobile phones and pagers. Call-way is positive energy for healthcare facilities.

Structured cabling


With Netsafe, communication knows no bounds. The structured cabling system for copper and fibre-optic networks enables precise and fast data transmission inside and outside the facility. Many solutions, versatile panels, cables, patch cords, boxes and cabinets create a system that enables high performance for stable, immediate and secure communication. Netsafe is positive energy for your business.

Isoset Isobox


A wide range of enclosures protect the devices and connections inside and outside the wall such as isobox non-deformable flush mounting boxes and versatile junction boxes or isoset high-safety surface mounting enclosures for using devices in the less protected rooms of the building. And for system protection outside the wall there are so many other models of enclosures and junction boxes with the greatest strength. Vimar enclosures are positive energy for your home.

Plugs, socket outlets and adaptors


A wide selection of the highest quality plugs, socket outlets and adaptors made in Italy, ranging from tested, resistant materials to fast, simple wiring harnesses. A wide range catering to every need for space, compatibility and safety for the electrical system and for people. Plugs, socket outlets and adaptors are positive energy for your home.