Exchange Server Solutions


For email and workgroup collaboration software, the robust features and benefits of the
Microsoft Exchange Server platform are unbeatable. For many years, if your company
wanted to utilize Exchange, the only option was to procure the necessary hardware and
software and maintain it “in-house.” Indeed, for many organizations this was and still is
a good option. But for many, outsourcing is a better solution. That’s what we recommend
and here’s how we do exchange server solutions.
Quite simply, the experts at Network Solutions NYC will run Exchange Server for you at our
location, with our own equipment. Yes, you will pay a fee to use it, but it will save you
money and time. That is because an Exchange solution, without the support of Network
Solutions NYC, can be costly. If you want to go ‘in- house’ you will need some expensive
hardware and software, such as;

In house exchange server solutions.

● Specialized backup software
● Hardware: server(s)
● Software licensing: per server and per user
● Specialized anti-virus software
● Network equipment upgrades
● 24/7 support and maintenance
With Network Solutions NYC affordable hosting plans, your organization can enjoy all of the
benefits of Microsoft Exchange, without the upfront costs and maintenance fees/tasks. In
fact, we handle all of the hardware and software issues for you, including;
● Anti-virus software
● Backup software
● Mail security
● SPAM filtering
● 24/7 support and maintenance
You’ll also appreciate knowing that your Exchange environment is housed in a 100%
secure data center with Internet and power connections, redundant servers, and
maximum uptime and fault tolerance.
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Our Exchange server solutions give you peace of mind.

Please contact Network Solutions NYC (212) 419-4949 and find out about our many exchange server solutions plans, and
strategies… custom built for your company’s staff and all of your business needs.
Our exchange server solutions are dedicated to save you money and provide ‘IT peace of mind’ support.
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