Brivo recently conducted a market research survey of Facility Managers to find out their current physical security solutions, their level of confidence in those solutions, and their experiences with that solution – both good and bad.

The results were surprising due to the fact that some of the findings are contradictory. For example; 54% of people surveyed were “very confident” that the wrong people weren’t gaining access to their building, but 40% of those surveyed had no electronic or biometric way of tracking who was entering. They rely solely on lock-and-key and/or guards to protect their building. This method of access control is not very effective because there is no automated way to verify the identity of those entering your building. Also, keys are easily lost and duplicated.

Make sure your confidence in the physical security of your building is not misplaced. There are important pros and cons to the different types of access control and physical security solutions out there. Does your solution provide the technology and efficiency you need in today’s world to protect your facility against unwanted visitors?